Jimmy J’s Cafe in NOLA

We went to NOLA a cpl weeks ago and stumbled into Jimmy J’s Cafe one morning…..should have been more than once though…and I remembered that I had pictorial proof as well!!

Jimmy J's Bloody Mary

Need I say any more?! One of the best bloody marys EVER..with BACON!!

I ordered biscuits & gravy and added a cpl eggs….didn’t know they’d be slapped upon top…..turned out to be awesome!

Biscuits & Gravy

The gravy was from scratch, with sausage of course!

The female companion had her norm, eggs benedict:Eggies

They were poached traditionally, and to perfection, sitting on a small pile of braised pork and all covered in jalapeno hollandaise sauce.

All were super yummy, and well worth the wait (line was down the sidewalk), but their seating capacity is around two dozen (yes, 24). Service was prompt, polite.

Now if I could only figure out their bloody mary recipe to tide me over until next NOLA trip……….

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